Business Summary * Build and support production control systems for the manufacturing industry

1. System implementation consulting
2. Development and sales of production control systems
3. Design, development, and operation of customized software support for users
4. System maintenance services
* OEM for application software, focusing on Windows
* Contract training and training for system-using personnel
Aspects and/or features of the product Line up of products to clear the challenges faced by our manufacturing clients, we offer solutions that match the scale and operation from the Factory ONE system series including design, development, installation until operation-ready state.
We also offer a wide range of tools for total support of the core business surrounding the manufacture process.
Product Line up Factory-ONE MF

* Over 1600 customers, one of the bestselling production management system for SMEs in Japan
* User-friendly, visualized management
* Includes the BI tool as standard equipment, allowing analysis of large in-house data.
* Also includes the sales management function for manufacturers as standard.
*The database table and the program source are disclosed.

Factory-ONE GL

* GL=Global, an integrated and adaptable production control solution,enables you to connect with
global customers and business partners.
* Developed on the base of 「Factory-ONE MF」, the mid-market production control system with
more than 1600 units deployed in Japan.
* The current version supports repetitive, make-to-order, make-to-stock and light assembly manufacturing.
Engineer-to-order manufacturing would get support in the next update.
* Adaptable for Japanese, English and Chinese
Enable to add other language sets with the caption dictionary offered by customers.
* The local support by the overseas partner is possible.

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* "Fast," "low-cost" and "user-friendly" cloud-supporting system.
* Complete WEB-type system, with no client installation required.
* Expandable up to ten users for a concurrent use, without customization.
*Widely usable for assembly and machining industries (excluding the processing industry).
* EDI interface for order data entry included in the standard package.

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Year of Establishment 1994
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Paid-in Capital 100,000,000 yen
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